It's "always Coca-Cola" that shoppers will find in the...

Maryland Watch

December 16, 1998

It's "always Coca-Cola" that shoppers will find in the vending machines at outlet centers owned by Baltimore-based Prime Retail Inc., under an alliance announced yesterday.

The agreement gives Coca-Cola USA exclusive rights to put vending machines in each of Prime's 50 outlet centers in 26 states. In return, Prime -- the world's largest owner and operator of outlet centers -- gets a cut of the soft-drink sales.

Both companies said they view the partnership as a brand-building tool.

"Prime Retail has at its disposal 50 shopping venues that are very popular with our core consumers," said Diana Garza, a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola USA in Atlanta. "Anywhere that our consumers are and are spending quality time, we're going to want to be there to refresh them."

Prime, which has launched a branding initiative that included renaming all of its centers under the Prime Outlets banner, will use proceeds of soft-drink sales to market its centers. The company plans to seek additional partnerships with national branding companies in areas such as lodging, entertainment and financial services.

Pub Date: 12/16/98

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