Building Bungalo Books

December 02, 1998|By Randi Kest

After years editing geographic magazines in Canada, Frank B. Edwards met John Bianchi, a free-lance cartoonist who would inspire Edwards to write for children. After Bianchi mentioned his desire to publish wacky children's books, Edwards proposed the idea of starting their own publishing house. In 1986, Bungalo Books was born and since, the Edwards-Bianchi team has produced more than 30 books, including such favorites as "Melody Mooner Takes Lessons," "The Artist" and "Grandma Mooner Lost Her Voice."

Edwards looks to his three children, one grandchild and their friends for creative inspiration. He does admit, however, that he and Bianchi have their own zany ideas.

As a child, Edwards enjoyed reading the classic "Curious George" books and the English comic "Beano." His favorite Bungalo book is "Downtown Lost and Found" for its rhythmic title and because it is easy for kids to read by themselves.

Although 3,000 miles now separate Edwards (who still lives in Canada) and Bianchi (who moved his family to Arizona), computers, phones and airplanes allow them to keep the team together.

Pub Date: 12/02/98

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