Opponent's playbook

November 29, 1998|By Mike Preston

The formation: One-back set with two tight ends.

The action: At the snap, the receivers and one tight end run off their opposing defensive backs. The offensive line uses a zone-blocking scheme, the objective of the play being to stretch out the defense and get a five-on-five matchup inside the box or near the line of scrimmage. Left guard Steve McKinney and left tackle Tarik Glenn double-team the tackle and seal off the back ** side. Center Jay Leeuwenburg steps play-side and reaches on the defensive tackle. Right guard Larry Moore also doubles on the tackle before scraping on the middle linebacker. Tight end Ken Dilger (85) blocks straight up on the end. Quarterback Peyton Manning (18) hands off to Marshall Faulk (28), who reads the play and chooses his own hole.

Pub Date: 11/29/98

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