The lash testThe newest mascaras promise curl, color and...

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November 29, 1998|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Fashion Editor

The lash test

The newest mascaras promise curl, color and length. While we love the idea of dispensing with irksome eyelash curlers, we wondered whether the latest products actually deliver. To find out, we put three to the lash test.

Lancome's Extencils

* Suggested retail: $18 for .3 fluid ounce

* Colors: Black, brown or navy

* Curl: Dramatic

* Results: This provided the greatest curl, longest lashes and sexiest overall look. Great for evening

Maybelline's Wonder Curl Mascara

* Suggested retail: $5.75 for .16 fluid ounce

* Colors: Very black, brownish black or chestnut brown

* Curl: The arched brush helped application and offered a realistic, natural curl

* Results: A winner for daytime

L'Oreal's Le Grand Curl

* Suggested retail: $7.25 for .16 fluid ounce

* Colors: Black, black-brown or true brown

* Curl: Thick, clumpy and theatrical

* Results: The most difficult to apply and least appealing on lashes

Kids clothes go online

Just in time to avoid mall madness, the Gap is expanding online. It's introducing with clothes for newborns to toddlers. And, which used to be simply an informational site, is now open for business.

Be prepared for what you might see. There's babyGap luxe, the company's new line of cashmere sweaters, wool cargo pants and velvet dresses that further emphasize a scary fact: Babies aren't dressed like babies anymore. Also new is the "clothes scrambler" at, which enables Internet guests to put together pieces until they find the right look.

Best of all, through Dec. 15, Gap is offering free shipping with any purchase of $75 or more from the online services.

High fashion, high interest

Moschino jeans. Christian Lacroix sweaters. Gucci eye wear.

These are some of the cutting-edge clothes that owner Kimberly Hall stocks at Isis Designer Wear in Owings Mills Mall.

The store, which opened earlier this year, is getting a reputation for attracting the fashion-conscious and deep-pocketed. Along with designer clothes come prices to match - from $89 for a T-shirt to $760 for a coat.

"I tried to be different than other boutiques by offering a lot of variety - suits, jeans, gowns and sweaters," says Hall, who worked for Woodward & Lothrop. She also carries designer clothes for men.

Early next year, look for Hall to add clothes by Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi.

In a serious world, Carolyn Edlund believes in creating jewelry that makes people smile.

Her ceramic dog pins do just that.

The Baldwin artist, who began her career nearly 20 years ago creating "serious" pieces, branched out into whimsical work several years ago and now has a popular line of job, hobby, sports and animal themes.

But her dog pins - with their dangling charms - are her signature. She makes 60 different breeds, with the top sellers being terriers, schnauzers and corgis. Or, as she calls them: "the little cuddly dogs that people think of as their babies."

Chihuahuas have proven the toughest to capture in ceramic. "It can be hard to get that expression, the big-eyed pleading look," she says.

The pins sell for about $22 and are available at stores including the Feed Bag in Jacksonville, Shawan Shoppes in Cockeysville and Craft Caviar in Pikesville. Edlund also has a Web site:

Pub Date: 11/29/98

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