" Instruments of Night," by Thomas H. Cook. Bantam. 293...


November 29, 1998|By Larry Dale Keeling | Larry Dale Keeling,Knight Ridder/Tribune

" Instruments of Night," by Thomas H. Cook. Bantam. 293 pages. $23.95.

After winning a big award, some writers might decide to coast a bit, take it easy, mail it in - at least for a book or two.

Not Thomas H. Cook, though. There's not a trace of letdown in "Instruments of Night," Cook's first novel since he won a 1997 Edgar Allan Poe Award for "The Chatham School Affair."

"Instruments" is both a haunting psychological thriller and a real stumper of a murder mystery, woven beautifully by a master storyteller.

With "Instruments of Night," Cook again proves himself one of the most skillful, "imaginative" writers on the mystery scene today. It's one of the year's best - a tale that dares you to put it down. You won't.

Pub Date: 11/29/98

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