Sun Journal articles provide needed conservation...


November 28, 1998

Sun Journal articles provide needed conservation coverage


I applaud the Sun Journal, which appears daily in The Sun.

The article "Saving the sea turtle in Brazil" (Nov. 23), which describes a sea turtle conservation project in Praia do Forte, Brazil, is a great example of the economic importance of species conservation.

Eco-tourism is a potentially lucrative answer to resource exploitation. However, local conservation efforts that depend on the tourist trade will be sustained only through increased public awareness efforts.

Sun Journal has consistently supported this effort by providing its readers with information on a broad range of regional and international conservation issues.

Here in Baltimore, the National Aquarium is conducting grass-roots efforts for species conservation. This week, the Marine Animal Rescue Program (MARP) flew a gray seal from Martin State Airport to Cape Cod for release after successful rehabilitation at the aquarium.

The animal came ashore in March, desperately in need of attention. The seven-month rehabilitation was conducted by volunteers whose amazing dedication to species conservation goes largely unnoticed.

The program now is focusing attention on a loggerhead sea turtle that was cold-stunned in Delaware. MARP coordinators are cautiously optimistic about the prognosis for this animal, whose temperature rose from 58 degrees to a balmy 80 degrees over two days.

Volunteers are happy to report the sea turtle has its appetite back and is eating daily. Once rehabilitated, the turtle will be flown to Florida for release during the winter months.

Thank you again for your coverage; keep up the international conservation antennae.

Glen G. Page


The writer is senior manager of conservation for the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Someone should hire woman who strives

Shame on the city of Baltimore and employers in the Baltimore area for their failure to employ Theresa Smith ("A journey of commitment," Nov. 15) after her courageous and commendable effort and successful completion of Strive Baltimore.

That accomplishment qualified her for employment more than three months ago, but her reward has repeatedly been, "We'll get back to you."

Ms. Smith is attempting to overcome a horrid childhood, abuse and a brutal environment. She certainly deserves far better than she has received to date, and her treatment surely is discouraging to those who would want to escape a virtually hopeless life.

Employment would vastly improve her life and that of her children and remove a family from the welfare rolls.

There must be someone who would appreciate such a valiant effort and understand that we are all morally bound to help people who strive to escape the bowels of society.

T. Joseph Abbott


Downtown group's position on transit

In the article "Mayor plans 7 garages for downtown parking" (Nov. 20), describing city plans to build seven garages downtown, The Sun grossly misrepresents my views of Baltimore's mass transit system.

While the Downtown Partnership believes additional parking capacity is essential, a well-balanced transportation system is a necessity if downtown Baltimore is to become truly competitive. Indeed, the most successful cities are those with a comprehensive network of efficient public transportation options, allowing for easy access in and out of their center cities.

Downtown Partnership's zealous advocacy on behalf of business' demands for expanded parking opportunities must be viewed in its proper context: as one component of a multifaceted strategy in which increased public reliance on the mass transit system also plays an important role.

Laurie B. Schwartz


The writer is president of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.

Spellbinding story on Chesapeake sailor

I have just read "A legend sets sail on the bay" (Nov. 18) by Kirsten Scharnberg.

I feel compelled to write and tell you how much I enjoyed this article and others of human interest. The writing in this article was spellbinding. I felt as though I was reading a book, and I know Earl White will treasure the article equally with his honorary title of "Admiral of the Chesapeake Bay."

In the hustle and bustle of our space age, it is delightful to remember our fellow man in his life struggle. With articles like Kirsten Scharnberg's, we will.

I can't wait for her first book.

Beebe Castro

Shady Side

Deutsche Bank merger should sound alarm

I read with great interest the article "Alex. Brown may be in peril" (Nov. 23). I certainly hope City Hall is burning the midnight oil on this one. The pending Deutsche Bank AG and BT Alex. Brown merger could deal yet another significant and disastrous blow to Baltimore.

While recent economic indicators reflect a general upswing in the downtown economy, meaningful job growth is not in the creation of "upscale McDonald's" chains.

Even if Baltimore City were to lure a hundred Hard Rock Cafes or Barnes & Noble stores, such misguided efforts could never replace the eminence of a company such asBT Alex. Brown.

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