1998 Howard County volleyball teams

November 25, 1998|By Stan Rappaport

Coach of the Year

Kedre Fairley, Mount Hebron: "My goal was to make the girls a team, which I think I did," said Fairley. "It took a little practice. I wasn't very successful the first two years." But this year Fairley coached the Vikings to an unbeaten Howard County season and a 19-1 record. "The third year was the winner," she said. Fairley had difficultly the first two years, she said, because she treated the players more as friends than as members of her team. She took a different approach this season, and made a statement when she cut two seniors. "That was a difficult decision because they were on the team last year and I knew them personally," Fairley said. Mount Hebron's practices became more serious and productive, and Fairley let her 10-player squad know who was running the ship. "It was just a different relationship this season," Fairley said. "They needed to know I was in charge." Fairley said nine of the 10 players met the requirements she set for a varsity letter this season. But she ended up not giving any out, because the team didn't want the one player to be left out. "They decided as a team not to take them, so no one got them," Fairley said. "I mean they're together. They're a team."

Co-Players of Year

Lisa Chapman, Centennial, senior, setter: "She makes a bad pass look good," said Centennial coach Mike Bossom. "She makes everything look so easy. She never panics." Chapman was a part of three consecutive state championship teams, playing a more significant role the last two years. Chapman is a fierce competitor, but often hid that side of her. "She has a calm intensity," Bossom said. "More than anything, Lisa made sure everyone was calm and staying focused. She knew they were looking to her for guidance." Chapman averaged 7.1 assists and 1.1 kills per game, and tied for the team lead with 49 aces. She also had 32 digs and 31 blocks. "She improved on her deceptiveness, and at looking at what the other team is doing and moving the ball to the most advantagous position," Bossom said. Chapman, a repeat first-team selection, used her smarts and experience to make everyone around her better.

Kristina Kaltreider, Mount Hebron, senior, hitter: Always one of the county's hardest hitters, Kaltreider came into her own this season. "She played a lot smarter this year," said coach Kedre Fairley. Kaltreider placed the ball better, and used what the opposition gave her, often tipping the ball into open spaces. But what made her so dangerous was her hard hitting. She led the team with 191 kills (83.6 accuracy percentage), and made 83.7 percent of her serves (including a team high 57 aces). Fairly was most pleased this season by Kaltreider's leadership. "She was more serious this year," Fairley said. "She wasn't a captain, but she was a leader on the floor. She was a real motivator." Fairley added that Kaltreider was "a lot more fun" this season. "I had never seen that side of her before."

First team at a glance

Jamie Bullock, Glenelg, senior, hitter: The Gladiators set up Bullock on the outside, the middle and even from the back, and she didn't disappoint. "I can't remember any errors she had when we gave her a good set," said Glenelg coach Ciaran Lesikar. Bullock showed last season that she had a hard shot, but this year had the consistency to make her a much more dangerous player. "She hit the ball harder this year, and was much more consistent with it," Lesikar said. "And she jumped higher this year." Bullock, who averaged 3.1 kills per game and had 72 blocks, was the team's best hitter, passer and blocker. She made 85 percent of her serves, and had 32 aces.

Samantha Crehan, Mount Hebron, senior, hitter: Mount Hebron coach Kedre Fairley said Crehan became a much better all-around player this season. "She improved her passing and became a more diverse player by using the entire court," Fairley said. Fairly added that Crehan was a strong motivator and "as captain was wonderful." Crehan, a middle hitter, had 122 kills (87 percent) and had 25 blocking points. She made 84 percent of her serves. Fairly said she will "miss her terribly. She's such a team player and just a great kid. If I ever had a daughter, that's who I would like her to be."

Kim Emrich, Centennial, junior, hitter: "She worked hard on improving her hitting and decreasing her errors throughout the season and it showed in the final," said Centennial coach Mike Bossom. Emrich had 12 kills -- her kill accuracy was .417 -- in the Class 2A championship victory over North Hagerstown. Ermich led the team in kills, averaging 2.6 a game, and digs (66). She had 36 aces, third best on the team, and made 86 percent of her serves. Her hitting percentage was .391. "Kim comes in every match ready to play and is vocal and communicates well on the court," Bossom said. "She leads by example. She goes out and does what she is asking everyone else to do."

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