"'Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday' written by...


November 25, 1998

"'Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday' written by Judith Viorst is mostly about a boy who is jealous of his brothers because his brothers have more money than he does. Alexander really wants to buy a walkie-talkie but he doesn't have any money. My favorite part is when his brothers told Alexander to use his dollar to go downtown to a store and buy a new face."

- Jordan Levin

Pine Grove Elementary

"My favorite book is 'Wiley and the Hairy Man' by Molly GarretBang. I like it because the story is about a conjure man. The conjure man changes himself into many different animals. In the end, Wiley and his mother outsmart the conjure man. This book is funny, and I wish I had the magic of the conjure man."

- Dorian Davis

Church Lane Elementary

Pub Date: 11/25/98

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