TV stands in for real thing

November 24, 1998|By Roy Rivenburg | Roy Rivenburg,LOS ANGELES TIMES

From the Artificial Reality Department: The geniuses who brought us the video aquarium and video fireplace are now peddling a "Christmas Through Your Window" videotape that shows falling snowflakes and twinkling holiday lights viewed through icy windowpanes.

On the Yuletide tape, holiday music plays in the background. The video fireplace, which "turns your TV into an old-fashioned hearth," features the sound of crackling logs. "No chopping wood, no cinders or soot to clean," boasts the advertisement. "Creates a romantic atmosphere for special evenings."

In that spirit, we suggest the video oven, which shows a cake rising, and the video restaurant table, which allows you to experience the ambience of a four-star dining establishment while wolfing down your Swanson's frozen entree.

Last but not least, for armchair astronauts, we've developed the video space shuttle so you can pretend your living room is in orbit.

Pub Date: 11/24/98

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