Opponents Playbook

November 22, 1998|By Mike Preston

The formation: Pro right, one-back set.

The action: At the snap, the offensive linemen lock into their PTC pass sets. Fullback Brian Milne (44) fakes as if he's going to pass block, then flares into the left flat. Halfback Corey Dillon (28) also pass blocks, but if there is no oncoming pass rusher, he darts into the right flat. Receiver Carl Pickens (81), splits left, runs a hitch-and-go route, the type on which he scored the last time the Bengals played the Ravens. Tight end Tony McGee (82) runs a 12-yard curl route across the middle, and Darnay Scott (86) runs a post pattern. If the strong safety bites on McGee's route, then Scott is the primary target. If the safety helps against Scott, then McGee is the primary target. Pickens is usually the third option, but he may become the first if he draws one-on-one coverage and can blow past the cornerback.

Pub Date: 11/22/98

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