Modell needs to clean houseAs a PSL-owning, three-year...


November 22, 1998

Modell needs to clean house

As a PSL-owning, three-year season-ticket stakeholder in the Ravens, permit me the following observation: The Ravens are an unmitigated disaster!

This is not even close to the "elite team" owner Art Modell suggested we would see this season. Modell and the fans have been lied to and deceived by head coach Ted Marchibroda and a coaching staff that is clueless.

We're not asking (yet!) for a Super Bowl champion. Just a reasonably competitive team that provides some semblance of entertainment and makes us feel like we're getting our money's worth.

I would hope that Modell would clean house at the end of this season, if not sooner. Unload Marchibroda and his staff and bring in a head coach with vision, enthusiasm and a fire in his belly to succeed.

Fire players who fail to work hard during the week and perform on Sundays and bring in quality free agents to replace them. There are still plenty of deadbeats on this team and it's past time for them to go.

Steve Bassett


Angelos is another Irsay

As an Orioles fan, I want to know why The Sun's sports reporters are afraid to ask Peter Angelos why he is quickly appearing as the next Robert Irsay, getting rid of popular Orioles players.

Pretty soon none of the players we've come to know and love will be representing Baltimore. No, instead, Angelos needs another toy -- his pursuit of the Washington Redskins -- while saying the Orioles won't raise ticket prices for the 1999 season. Big deal!

Keep it up, Peter, baby, and you'll be hung in effigy just like the late Robert Irsay.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

A kind Raven

I was talking to a man recently who took his two sons to Westminster to watch the Ravens at training camp this summer. They were talking to punter Kyle Richardson, and upon learning that one of the boys had a birthday that day, Richardson told the boy to meet him after practice and presented the boy with an autographed football signed by the entire team.

Richardson then saw that the boy's brother had a Jim Harbaugh trading card. He took the card back inside the locker room and had Harbaugh sign it.

It is a tough year for the Ravens, with a lot of close losses. But when you hear a story like that in these days of million-dollar players, strikes and drugs, it makes you root harder for Richardson and the Ravens.

Bob Townsley


Don't taint McGwire's feat

This is in response to the letter of Nov. 15 entitled "McGwire is no role model." The letter writer obviously has never played baseball if he thinks that taking supplements for strength automatically enables you to hit a pitched ball.

Don't forget that McGwire hit 49 homers in his first season. The media have found one negative on McGwire and basically tainted all the good the man has done on and off the field.

Tom Wainio


Bring back 'Golf Page'

Labor Day must be the official closing of the golf season in Baltimore, according to the editors of The Sun's sports department.

Why is there no longer a Thursday "Golf Page" in the paper? Golfers in Baltimore play year-round, weather-permitting.

Get the "Golf Page" back in again, please. Soon.

Joe Daue


Pub Date: 11/22/98

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