With Robey, substance wins over styleOn Election Day, my...


November 22, 1998

With Robey, substance wins over style

On Election Day, my faith in Howard County voters was affirmed when they elected James Robey county executive.

I have known Mr. Robey for about 11 years.

I met him when I worked as an assistant state's attorney for Howard County and he was deputy chief of police.

As I continued in my career as an attorney, I would continue to see Mr. Robey from time to time.

The one impression that I did not have of Mr. Robey was that of a politician and, frankly, I was worried that this good and honest man would have a hard time getting elected in spite of more than 30 years of public service.

My doubts were compounded after having the opportunity to listen to Republican candidate Dennis R. Schrader give a political speech because he is a gifted orator.

Furthermore, after eight years of having Chuck Ecker as county executive, also a decent and honest man, I wondered if Howard County citizens were ready to elect someone with a bit more style.

However, the voters came through. Substance prevailed over style.

Not only should Mr. Robey be congratulated for his ascension to the position of county executive, but Howard citizens should also be congratulated for doing the right thing in electing this fine gentleman.

Jason A. Shapiro


Columbia should be copied on sign codes

Your article, "Billboard jungle on Route 140" (Nov. 4), stated a problem not only for Carroll County, but for Baltimore and other places in Maryland.

When I go to Baltimore, the signs are ugly and some show negative actions such as smoking. Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont don't have these signs.

We could follow their footsteps and make it illegal in Maryland to show these signs. The states that don't have them have more tourism.

One place in Maryland that doesn't have billboards is Columbia. Or we could make a law that signs have to be a certain size.

Gordon Naumburg


Let editor pay for out-of-county kids

I am a long-time resident and landowner in Howard County. Sixty percent of the real estate taxes collected each year go to the Department of Education.

In reading Alice Lukens' article Nov. 9, possibly she and The Sun feel that there may be some problem in the residency limit on tuition waivers to our schools.

There is an easy solution: I propose that you as editor donate 60 percent of a month's revenue to a trust fund to pay the tuition for any and all nonresidents who wish to attend our schools.

Gary Smith


River Hill noise: Deal with it

For the past 15 years, we have lived off Route 32 in the Glen Oaks townhouses. I have not seen any letters from residents here complaining of the noise from the road as I have from River Hill residents.

Just because their houses are more expensive than ours, they feel that everyone should feel sorry for them.

Our houses are closer to the road than theirs, along with the townhouses in Savage. What about the townhouses in the Glenshire development next to Interstate 95?

I'm sure the noise there is a lot worse than Route 32, but I have not heard them complain. We replaced our windows to help block out the noise and it has.

My advice to River Hill residents: Adjust, as we have.

Rose Henry


Take time this season be be thankful

I want to recommend the article published in the Today section of The Sun on Nov. 14 "What are you thankful for?"

During this busy season of Thanksgiving, we frequently forget to give thanks for the many things for which we are grateful.

We find ourselves so wrapped up not just in the busy holiday season, but, alas, in the hectic day-to-day schedules of our lives. It leaves little time to give thanks for the various things that bring us joy.

As Turkey Day approaches and we are seated around the table with friends and family, may we take that opportunity to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives that we do not take the time daily to acknowledge.

Jennieve A. Moser

Ellicott City

Don't make us wait for prep playoff scores

I would like to comment on the poor reporting of Maryland high school sports teams during the playoffs.

While state rankings are provided late in the week during the season, during the playoffs there is no reason not to give a complete accounting of the weekend games and remaining schedules on Sunday.

Why must we wait until the following Thursday or Friday?

On a different topic, when is Maryland going to adopt leagues similar to Virginia's, where teams only play like-sized schools?

To have Class 1A schools play Class 3A or 4A schools is a disservice to both.

Elliott M. Simons


Pub Date: 11/22/98

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