Bargain for Frances' by Russell Hoban is my favorite...

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November 22, 1998

" 'A Bargain for Frances' by Russell Hoban is my favorite book because in the morning, Frances gets to go outside after breakfast. Frances even goes out in the winter. She goes to tea parties. At Thelma's house Frances gets to drink tea in a real china set."

- Anthony Williams

Leith Walk Elementary

"We think that 'On Beyond Zebra' is the very best Dr. Seuss book. One reason is one of the children is very funny. Another reason is one child doesn't end the alphabet with a 'z,' he ends it with a zig-zag. Finally, they make the animals really silly."

- Taylor Ambrose and Ciera Abbate

Worthington Elementary

hTC "I liked 'Arthur's Christmas' by Marc Brown, because it was about Santa Claus. Arthur was looking for the perfect gift for Santa. He combined all of Santa's favorite foods. Santa loved Arthur's gift."

- Frank Zawodny

Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke's School

"I tremendously enjoyed the book, 'Meet Felicity, an American Girl,' by Valerie Tripp. The illustrations were so colorful and beautiful. Felicity is a Colonial girl who saves a horse she loves named Penny. This is the first book of a series. I would recommend this book to all girls."

- Erinn Popp

Lutherville Laboratory

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Pub Date: 11/22/98

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