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November 22, 1998|By Joanne E. Morvay | Joanne E. Morvay,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

When Samantha "Sam" Porter walked down the aisle on her wedding day, she was escorted by the most important person in her life: her 9-year-old son, Brandon.

Brandon now shares top billing in his mother's heart with her new husband, David Williams. But that suits both of her "men" just fine, Sam says. In fact, Brandon and David get along so well that sometimes, Sam says with a laugh, she feels outnumbered.

Sam, an anesthesia specialist who grew up in South Baltimore, took a circuitous route to the altar.

As a young mother, Sam made Brandon the No. 1 priority in her life from the moment he was born. And though she had a long-term relationship with Brandon's father, Sam says she decided very early on that marriage to him or any other man was probably out of the question.

"I didn't think any [other] man would want a ready-made family," she explains.

So when Sam met David in June 1991, the only thing she was thinking about was the apartment she had come to see. David, employed by the Baltimore-based James Knott Realty Co., was the property manager at the complex. He was attracted to Sam immediately, he says. But he didn't cross paths with her on a regular basis until after she moved in - a year later. Even then, David kept himself at arm's length in order to keep his personal and professional lives separate.

In September 1993, four days after he was promoted to manage a Fairfax, Va., apartment complex, David asked Sam out. David is black and Sam is white, but the difference in their race has never been an issue between them, they say. "We never see the colors," Sam says.

Although she is described by family members as a strong woman who is always ready for anything life throws her way, Sam was so nervous about the date that she had a girlfriend accompany her.

It had just been so long since she had dated seriously.

It was six weeks before Sam would go out with David on her own. And another year before the couple would see each other more than once a week.

By late 1994, Sam and David realized they were in love. They began spending more time together - often taking Brandon along.

On Sept. 13, 1997 - Sam's birthday - David proposed. This past summer, the couple bought a house in Towson. They spent the six weeks before their wedding remodeling and redecorating, eagerly anticipating life in their new home with Brandon.

On Nov. 14, Sam, 29, and David, 35, were married at Corpus Christi Church in Baltimore. David's brother, Tony Williams, was his best man. Bridesmaids included Sam's sisters, Mitzi Porter, Mindy Parks and Vicky Barnes, as well as David's sister, Anne Williams. During the ceremony, Sam and David presented roses to their mothers, Margaret Porter and Isabell Williams, both of Baltimore. A special prayer was read in memory of Sam's late brother, John Porter.

Sam entered the wedding reception at La Fontaine Bleu in Glen Burnie sporting a Minnie Mouse veil, while David wore a Mickey Mouse top hat - both headpieces complete with mouse ears. The couple's cake topper was Mickey and Minnie in wedding attire - something they spied on a recent trip to Disney World. (They had spent months searching in vain for a suitable interracial cake topper, Sam says.)

The sight of the bride and groom in mouse ears reduced the entire hall to laughter. And the 90 guests were laughing again when David lifted the bottom of Sam's gown for the traditional garter toss and found her wearing a mock marital ball and chain instead.

All kidding aside, both Sam and David look forward to having someone to share life's journey with.

"I want this to be something where the two of us lean on each other and depend on each other to go around every corner," David says.

Pub Date: 11/22/98

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