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November 18, 1998

In a 15-minute conference with your child's teacher, you probably won't have enough time to ask each of these suggested questions, so peruse this list from "Preschool for Parents" by Diane Trister Dodge and Toni S. Bichart, and pick the ones most important to you.

* How do you help children develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline?

* How do you help children work on conflict resolution skills?

* Do you involve children in group discussions about social issues and about what they are learning

* What are your goals for my child in reading and how will you help him achieve these goals? What can I do to help?

* Does my child participate in discussions about what she reads in school?

* Can you show me samples of my child's writing from the beginning of the year and now?

* What are your goals for my child as a writer this year? How will you help him achieve these goals?

* How will I know if my child is making progress in math? What are your goals for her in math?

* What will the class be studying in social studies this year?

* Can you show me examples of my child's work in social studies?

* What opportunities will there be for firsthand research?

* What are my child's strengths and interests in school?

* Are there areas that need strengthening and how can I help my child?

* Do you use portfolios to document children's work?

* What are your expectations for how much time my child should spend on different kinds of homework?

* How is homework reviewed in school? Do you review it or is there a peer review system?

* And finally, parents should always ask: How can I help my child?

Pub Date: 11/18/98

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