" 'Chicken Sunday' by Patricia Polacco is a great book to...


November 18, 1998

" 'Chicken Sunday' by Patricia Polacco is a great book to read. It teaches you values, such as saving money, sharing and caring for others. The best part was when the children put all their money together to buy a new Easter bonnet for their Gramma Eula. The funniest part was when the grandmother said, 'When I die, on chicken Sunday, pour chicken soup over my grave.'"

Danielle Styles

Church Lane Elementary

" 'Wayside School is Falling Down' by Louis Sachar is a funnbook. I like the part when Alecan puts her socks on her ears. I also liked the part when the teacher throws the computer out the window."

Nicholas Aspel

Thunder Hill Elementary

Pub Date: 11/18/98

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