Report card

November 16, 1998|By Mike Preston

Running backs

Coach Ted Marchibroda tried to shake up the running game by replacing Priest Holmes with Errict Rhett, but it didn't make a difference. Fullback Roosevelt Potts was no factor as a runner, blocker or pass catcher. -- C-


Jim Harbaugh is either reluctant to run when he gets pressured in the pocket or is too willing to take a hit. The team's best play is one Harbaugh hasn't delivered in weeks: Harbaugh scrambling. He needs to cut down on forced passes. -- D


The Ravens seems to only focus on tight end Eric Green and wide-out Jermaine Lewis. The team needs to put the long ball back in its offense to keep defenses honest, and halfback Holmes and rookie Patrick Johnson need to work on their concentration. Please play Floyd Turner. -- D+

Offensive linemen

The Ravens allowed six sacks, but several were coverage sacks. Bad, conservative play-calling makes this unit look worse than it is. The tackles had a solid day, but blitzes up the middle hurt. -- C-

Defensive linemen

This group started strong, especially tackle James Jones and end Michael McCrary. But the line has problems against cutback runners, and seemed to wilt in the second half. It may have been on the field too long because of the team's inept offense. -- C+


Peter Boulware, Jamie Sharper and Ray Lewis were forces in the pass rush. Lewis led the Ravens with 11 tackles and moved well from sideline to sideline. -- B

Defensive backs

Cornerback Rod Woodson recovered well on several plays but has to cut down on the illegal-hands penalties. Weak safety Corey Harris did an adequate job filling in for the injured Kim Herring. Rookie Duane Starks, well, he needs some work. -- C

Special teams

They allowed a big kickoff return that set up the game-winning touchdown, and a penalty nullified a big punt return by Jermaine Lewis in the first half. The two leverage penalties were a joke, but good teams learn from their initial mistakes. -- D-

Pub Date: 11/16/98

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