Religion facts

November 16, 1998

Sales of books on the Bible, religion and spirituality shot up 40 percent in 1997.

Seven in 10 Americans believe that one can be religious without going to church.

Some 40 percent of Americans believe that one does not have to believe in God to experience the sacred. Twenty-six percent report they experience the sacred during sex.

A remarkable 99 percent of family physicians think religious faith helps patients respond to treatment.

In the 1950s, one American in 25 had left his or her childhood denomination. Today, more than one in three has left or switched.

Some 70 percent of employees think spirituality has a place at work; 56 percent pray, chant or play meditation tapes on the job to relieve stress.

Four adults in 10 report meeting regularly in small religious groups.

-- "Shopping for Faith: American Religion in the New Millennium" (Jossey-Bass), by Richard Cimino and Don Lattin.

Pub Date: 11/16/98

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