Charm City of angels Walters' exhibit: Angels from the Vatican arrive just in time for holidays in Baltimore.

November 16, 1998

CHARM CITY is also the city of angels, at least through the New Year.

An unusual exhibit, "The Invisible Made Visible: Angels from the Vatican," is at the Walters Art Gallery until Jan. 3. More than 100 paintings, sculptures, tapestries, vessels and other works span the period from 900 B.C. Syria to modern Salvador Dali.

Angels were whatever the imagination allowed: guards and guardians of the diety, of the dead, of the living; the good were holy, though some were pagan and satanic; and they were messengers, usually in the background. They acted as go-betweens for humans and the divine.

With wings and wingless, cherubic (the Romans began that image) and more mature, angels have always assumed a great role in art and life. The exhibit shows how artists through the ages have portrayed that which cannot be seen.

This stop in Baltimore is the next to last of a five-city tour in this country and the only visit to the Northeast. Walters officials have taken note and advantage of that fact and have placed newspaper and magazine ads in New York and other cities to attract visitors.

May the angels watch over Charm City and our visitors.

Pub Date: 11/16/98

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