Opponent's Playbook

November 15, 1998|By Mike Preston

The formation: Pro right, one-back set.

The play: At the snap, receiver Bryan Still (80), split left, takes an inside release and blocks on the cornerback. Receiver Mikhael Ricks (86), split right, takes an inside release and blocks on the strong safety. Left tackle John Jackson seals on the end while left guard Aaron Taylor pulls right to seal off the strong-side linebacker and center Roman Fortin blocks on the back-side defensive tackle. Tight end Freddie Jones (88) blocks down on the defensive end. H-back Wendell Davis (81) pulls right to take the first Ravens player that shows up at the corner. Quarterback Craig Whelihan hands off to running back Natrone Means (20), who has taken a counter step to his left, but then runs around right end after taking the handoff.

Pub Date: 11/15/98

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