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November 15, 1998|By Jerdine Nolen

Editor's note: In her biweekly column, Jerdine Nolen today provides suggestions on coaching developing and emergent readers (pre-K through first grade).

As young children are given reading opportunities, they will begin to pay more attention to the printed words and pictures around them. They will start to recognize words and to read easy books with the help of caregivers and other children.

Preschoolers, kindergartners and first-graders enjoy:

* Telling what they like/dislike about the story

* Holding books correctly

* Turning the pages

* Pointing to pictures

* Pretending to read their own writing

* Knowing the difference between pictures and print

* Beginning to read stop signs and product signs (Toys R Us)

* Playing with language through songs and invented words

L * Hearing stories with an-imated objects and talking animals

* Joining in reading a familiar story

* Filling in the blanks

* Rhyming words

* Reading alphabet letters

* Imitating and searching for alphabet sounds

* Reading easy-to-read books

* Hearing fairy tales, alphabet books, counting and information books, making predictions about what will happen next

* Telling the sequence of a story - beginning, middle, end

Choosing books for emergent and developing readers:

Ask yourself: What kinds of things interest them? What are their likes and dislikes? Choose themes that interest them, but don't be afraid to introduce them to something new and interesting - books, authors and illustrators you enjoy, such as your childhood favorites. Meanwhile, consider choosing books:

* About families like yours and people from your cultural and ethnic group, and from different cultures and ethnic groups

* With characters that look like your child

* That match your child's experiences and interests

* Written by their favorite authors and illustrators

A resident of Ellicott City, Jerdine Nolen is the award-winning children's author of "Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm" and "Raising Dragons." She is a former teacher and administrator in elementary education, and has personally field-tested her suggestions on her son and daughter.

Pub Date: 11/15/98

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