150 years ago in The Sun Nov. 15: Stealing a Coat -- Some...

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November 14, 1998|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun Nov. 15: Stealing a Coat -- Some knave yesterday walked into the establishment of Mr. Edwin S. Tarr and soon afterwards walked out again with a coat more upon his back than he had when he went in, having walked off with the overcoat of the proprietor.

100 years ago in The Sun Nov. 15: Lieut. Herman G. Dresel, of the United States Navy, committed suicide in the lavatory of the Carrollton Hotel about 10: 15 o'clock yesterday morning by shooting himself through the brain. He died almost instantly. The revolver was found by his side. The bullet made an ugly hole in his head. He was neatly dressed in civilian's clothing when he entered the hotel a few minutes before his suicide.

50 years ago in The Sun Nov. 18: Dr. Alfred Blalock, director of surgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical School and Hospital, best known for his development and performance of a heart operation to cure "blue babies," yesterday was named Baltimore's "Man of 1948" by the Advertising Club of Baltimore.

Pub Date: 11/14/98

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