American posts daily discounts, but only online Idea is to get customers to use its Internet site


November 13, 1998|By KNIGHT RIDDER/TRIBUNE

FORT WORTH, Texas -- American Airlines has dangled an enticing lure for World Wide Web surfers by announcing deeply discounted fares that will change daily and are available only to those who book flights online.

The "Daily FAAres" are a twist on American's popular NetSAAvers, which have been offered online weekly. At least initially, however, the new fares will be available only through Nov. 20.

The fares, which have many restrictions, will range from $88 to $298 round trip for travel on about 10 of the airline's routes in the United States and Canada.

The airline's new discounts are intended to increase use of American's Web site. American and its Eagle commuter affiliate will post the fares on the site,

To get the fares, consumers must book their flights online while the fare is displayed. The next morning, American will post a different set of fares for sale, reflecting an updated list of available seats.

While the offer will cease after Nov. 20, American said Daily FAAres will return periodically. But their return will not always be announced, so the company is urging interested customers to check the site daily.

The current Daily FAAres are good for travel between tomorrow and Jan. 18, with some exceptions. The fares are not available for travel during the Nov. 20-Dec. 1 Thanksgiving travel period, or the Dec. 17-Jan. 4 Christmas-New Year's travel period.

The fares require a minimum three-day advance purchase and a Saturday-night stay. They are nonrefundable and cannot be changed.

Tim Smith, American's spokesman, said the Daily FAAres will be among the lowest fares offered by the airline, but will not necessarily be the lowest. American's lowest fares, in most cases, are the weekend NetSAAvers.

Pub Date: 11/13/98

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