Police arrest man in Vt. Suspect wanted in Md. on charges stemming from Oct. 1997 fight

Mother's house at stake

County had started to foreclose on home that secured his bond

November 12, 1998|By Devon Spurgeon | Devon Spurgeon,SUN STAFF

If an Annapolis mother is happy that Anne Arundel County police caught up with her son and are bringing him back to face felony drug charges, it's because she won't lose the home she's lived in for 31 years.

When Wendell Turner, 29, did not appear in court in February after posting a $50,000 bond on drug, trespass and resisting-arrest charges, he put his mother in a bind.

Rosetta Turner, 61, had put up as collateral her blue-shingled house on Lincoln Drive. In August, when her son remained at large, the state's attorney's office began foreclosure proceedings against her.

Monday, detectives in Barre, Vt., helped by fliers from Anne Arundel police, went to the home of Turner and his girlfriend, arrested him and prepared to return him to Maryland.

"I would have had to move to an apartment, and I have never lived in an apartment in my life," said Turner's relieved mother. "I really feel sorry for him that he did this to me. He will get what is coming to him."

Turner has been convicted in Anne Arundel of two previous felonies -- burglary in 1989, and a drug charge to which he pleaded guilty in 1990. If he is convicted of third felony, he would be considered a career criminal and would face a minimum of 20 years in prison with no possibility for parole.

The charges against Turner stem in part from an alleged fight in October 1997 with Annapolis police officers near the Robinwood public housing complex.

Relatives gave information about Turner's whereabouts to police, who tracked him from Brooklyn, N.Y., to the Hartford, Conn., area.

A few months ago, county police received a call from a detective in Barre who had arrested a man named Cintron Proctor on a charge of having a concealed handgun. Proctor had been released on bond on that charge.

When the Vermont detective saw fliers with Turner's physical description and the allegations against him from Anne Arundel police, he thought Proctor could be Turner.

A fingerprint analysis by the FBI confirmed the hunch, said Detective John Brown of the Anne Arundel County fugitive task force.

Turner stayed in the Barre area, unaware that local police had made the connection.

Officers began watching Turner and arrested him Monday.

Brown said he expects Turner to arrive at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center within a few weeks. He waived an extradition hearing yesterday.

"I want to see him when he comes back," said his mother. "I still love him, but I will slap him too."

Pub Date: 11/12/98

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