Appealing appetizers for the party seasonIf you're...


November 11, 1998|By Elizabeth Large

Appealing appetizers for the party season

If you're planning to entertain this holiday season, the just-published "Hors d'Oeuvres" (William Morrow & Co., $23) is required reading. New York magazine food writer Gillian Duffy has gathered more than 80 recipes for party tidbits from chefs and caterers. Your guests will love their curried mussels with sweet red pepper, spicy Asian chicken wings, white bean bruschetta and more. Fabulous photos let you see what these works of art should look like.

A double chocolate treat

Hey, moms. These double chocolate shakes have more nutrients and less fat than shakes made with ice cream. Freeze chocolate milk in ice-cube trays (about 1 tablespoon per cube). The cubes chill and thicken the shake:

Double Chocolate Shake

3/4 cup chocolate milk

4 frozen chocolate milk cubes

Place in a blender and process until smooth.

For variety you can add frozen strawberries (without syrup) or chunks of banana.

Makes one shake.

Pub Date: 11/11/98

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