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November 10, 1998

Be a 4Kids Detective

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1. In which country did the first "Scream Machines" thrill its riders?

2. Which Union regiment did Jefferson Moses join?

The SCREAM machine

You must be at least as tall as your computer monitor to take a ride on: http://coasters.eb.com/ Buckle yourself in for a total rush in history and learn about the birth of the roller coaster! Inventing the Scream Machine speeds you back to the first thrill rides down icy mountainsides, then whips you through the centuries. Lots of cool illustrations and animated physics tell the tale of how a little gravity and a cart make for fun all over the globe. Hang on...

Civil War diaries

In the spring of 1862, after the Battle of Shiloh was fought during the American Civil War, Jefferson Moses witnessed a soldier's funeral that would change his life. "I got home and told pa and ma I wanted to go to war," he wrote in his journal. "I just felt a great duty that I never before thought of." He became a soldier with one of the Union's extraordinary regiments. And for future generations, he left behind documents, images, memoirs and a diary of his trials and tribulations at war. March out to the battlefields at http://www.ioweb. com/ civilwar/ and lose yourself in Moses' narration, as he reflects on the capturing of General Lee and the assassination of Abe Lincoln. You'll forage through Mississippi in the winter, take part in the Yazoo Pass Expedition, and mingle with the front lines at Vicksburg.

Pub Date: 11/10/98

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