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November 09, 1998|By Janis Campbell

Most of you headed back to school in August or September. But Yak's Corner knows some kids that have already had a fall break! That's because they started school earlier and follow a special calendar called "year-round school."

Before you say "yuck," here's the deal: Kids at these schools go the same number of days as other kids. But they start school earlier, get out a little later, and they get lots of vacations to break up the year.

Would you like to have a shorter summer so you could have more breaks during the school year? To find out how some students like it, the Yak talked to students at a year-round school in Michigan.

First-grader Whitney Turner says she hardly notices the school calendar.

Whitney, who is 6, says she likes having extra vacations throughout the school year. "Maybe I'll go to the Bahamas or someplace fun," she says when asked if she has plans for her next two-week break.

Meghan Brady, 8, has a sister who's also in school - but their breaks aren't always at the same time. "I like having different vacations when my sister is in school because I can spend more time with my mom and dad," Maghan said.

First-grader Christopher Luoma doesn't mind starting school a few weeks earlier than most kids. He says summer vacation can get boring after a few weeks.

"Yesterday we made kites and had a kite celebration," he says. "I wouldn't do that at home."

Principal Richard Njus knows kids get bored during the summer, and what concerns him more - they forget stuff! He says with shorter breaks, students come back refreshed and ready to go. Plus, there's not a big learning loss, so students don't spend their first month of school reviewing what they learned last year.

Pub Date: 11/09/98

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