Give the Ravens a breakThe writers at The Sun will not...


November 08, 1998

Give the Ravens a break

The writers at The Sun will not give the Ravens a kind word. And what they print is one-sided opinion that is always slanted to make the team and the franchise look as bad as possible. Why is this?

Is there an editorial edict that The Sun sports department take on an air of devil advocacy at every turn with this team? Why is it that we get an analysis of Art Modell's debt service situation rather than how the team is doing in practice this week or how the team stacks up against its next opponent?

To boot, Jon Morgan's article on Thursday contained one particular error that Morgan himself knows is inaccurate. He stated that the stadium was paid for using taxpayer funds. This is true only to the extent that some of those who play the lottery are taxpayers. No dollars go toward that stadium from the tax fund! How about printing that for everyone to see?

George W. Brown


Don't blame the payroll

Could it be that the Ravens' payroll is low because there are so many young players on the team who have yet to cash in on the big money? Why doesn't The Sun give the club credit for not getting involved in the ridiculous bidding that goes on for some players?

The Ravens have paid top dollar for Rod Woodson, Duane Starks, Peter Boulware, Jonathan Ogden and Jermaine Lewis. They have made moves to be competitive -- acquiring Jim Harbaugh, Errict Rhett, Roosevelt Potts and Woodson. They let go of Antonio Langham and Derrick Alexander, who have contributed nothing to their new teams.

The team's record is not related to the lack of payroll. It's due to a lack of performance on the field -- missed blocks, dropped balls, etc. Look at what $77 million bought the Orioles: a sub-.500 season!

Miles Goodman

Owings Mills

Ice hockey needs recognition

One of the fastest growing high school sports in the area is ice hockey, limited only by the availability of arenas, yet The Sun has not mentioned it in several years.

Give the kids some recognition for their efforts.

Thomas Fallon


He's making a list

My Christmas wish list:

1. Peter Angelos will buy the Washington Redskins.

2. NFL owners will enforce the cross-ownership rule.

3. Peter Angelos will sell the Orioles!

Here's hoping there is a Santa Claus after all.

Sam Gaugler


Atlanta vs. Baltimore

I was greatly amused by Joe Roman's letter in The Sun on Nov. 1. Imagine a transplanted Atlantan having the nerve to put down Baltimore sports fans.

I wonder if Mr. Roman noticed the thousands of empty seats at Turner Field for the 1998 playoffs.

Say what you will about Baltimore fans, sir. At least we show up.

Don Brizendine


Pub Date: 11/08/98

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