A day for givingSEVEN HOURS into his busiest day ever...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel County

November 08, 1998|By David Michael Ettlin A lesson in humility

A day for giving

SEVEN HOURS into his busiest day ever, Glen Burnie restaurateur Tim Leung put his arm around a customer-friend, and confided that he hadn't had time to eat. He was smiling, though the money pouring in was not for him.

From his opening at noon Nov. 1 until near closing time at 8 p.m., there had been a waiting line outside his Szechuan Cafe as people took advantage of Leung's sixth-anniversary celebration -- offering an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for $2.99 on a Sunday, when the restaurant is normally closed.

The final tally for the restaurant on the west side of Ritchie Highway was 408 customers, with the $1,200 in proceeds going to the Providence Center for the developmentally disabled. THE RESULTS of Tuesday's elections gave many local politicians an opportunity to practice the art of concession speechmaking.

Republican Michael W. Burns, who lost his District 32 state delegate seat, told supporters at La Fontaine Bleu in Glen Burnie: "The day I was sworn in, I met the woman I would marry. Now, I wouldn't trade her, or our December baby for the House, the Senate or the White House. It's not like I'm dead. If you ever need me, give me a call."

Victor A. Sulin, a Democrat who tried for a state delegate seat in the same district and lost, delivered one of the best self-deprecating jokes in his speech at Michael's Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie: "The good news is I got more votes than I ever got in any election. Of course, the bad news is there weren't enough."

Ousted Republican County Executive John G. Gary had a good one, too, as he told the crowd at the Holiday Inn in Annapolis about how much he and his wife, Ruthanne Gary, the county's community services director, have worked in the past four years: "Ruth and I have given 60 to 70 hours a week each to this county and I don't know quite what we're going to do with each other."

Betty Ann O'Neal, another Republican who lost in the District 32 State House race, sounded less than gracious at La Fontaine Bleu in acknowledging defeat: "I know more about this district than I ever care to know."

Republican Robert G. Pepersack, who lost a bid to become the District 2 county councilman to Democrat Daniel Klosterman, also sounded bitter in his speech at La Fontaine Bleu: "It's the will of the people. They get what they elect."

Devon Spurgeon

Try directory assistance

I HAVEN'T thought too much about what I would do if I didn't win because I didn't think it was going to be this way," John G. Gary told supporters in Annapolis Tuesday night after acknowledging he had lost to Democrat Janet S. Owens.

That he was unprepared for defeat also was evident when it came time to make the congratulatory call to Owens. No one in the campaign knew where to find her. Some time before midnight, Gary's campaign manager, Mike Owen, managed to scrounge up a phone number after a 45-minute search, asking anyone who might know where the Owens camp was.

"We can't seem to find her," Owen said. "I mean, geez we've got a little class."

When he reached her, Gary said, "Well, I will be around if you need some help, but clearly you need to take charge and go forward."

Laura Sullivan

Playing with gadgets

A MAN was showing off his new, expensive pager to friends at a Pasadena bar Thursday night, telling them about its different functions.

Looking at the crowd of men oohing and ahhing at the gadget, David the bartender quipped: "The difference between a man and the boys is the price of his toys."

Cheryl Tan

Sibling rivalry

CALLING THE Anne Arundel County Police Traffic Safety Department in Millersville Thursday, I asked for Officer Mike Brothers.

"Mike Brothers? A John Brothers works here, Mike Brothers works in Northern District," said the officer who took the call.

"There are two Brothers who work for Anne Arundel? Are they brothers?" I asked.

"No. We also have an Officer Daughters ."

Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 11/08/98

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