Why make developers scapegoats?Why is it that every...


November 08, 1998

Why make developers scapegoats?

Why is it that every election season the press and public begin a feeding frenzy on homebuilders and developers? These are responsible men and women who make major contributions to our community and quality of life.

Developers and homebuilders undertake a project with considerable risk. They invest a great amount of energy and financial resources to create a quality product. Often, they put their own homes at risk, securing the financing to enhance their visions for better communities.

We have all the laws and regulations in place necessary to assure adequate facilities and comprehensive planned growth, as well as controls to monitor campaign contributions.

Developers support political candidates the same way you do. They want fiscally responsible government that enhances the quality of life for all citizens. They also make major contributions to the nonprofits groups of our community, including but not limited to youth sports teams, Scouts, the community college and hospital.

Are there unethical developers and homebuilders? We all know there are. However, certainly no more than unethical salespeople, accountants, teachers, lawyers or sanitation engineers. Why persist in painting them all with the same broad brush? I have had myriad experiences with people in the development and construction industries. They are hard-working, socially responsible people.

Jill McCuan


Animal shelter work is often unnoticed

As a member of Animal Advocates, I get to work closely with employees of the Howard County Animal Shelter. I would like to praise the work done by these dedicated county workers. The important services they provide often go unnoticed.

Whether they are returning a lost cat to his owner, controlling a dog roaming at large or matching a family with an animal companion, the employees at the animal shelter work hard to make our community a better place.

Animal Advocates would like to urge residents to visit the county animal shelter and learn about the many ways the public can assist in helping abused and homeless animals. The Howard County Animal Shelter is located at 8576 Davis Road, Columbia, 410-313-2780.

Ann Selnick

Ellicott City

Maybe Hillary Clinton is thinking of herself

Has anyone considered that the real reason Hillary Clinton defends her husband is that, besides enjoying the prestige and privilege of being the president's wife and living in the White House, she is trying to save herself?

Who would pardon her if Bill Clinton is impeached? Mrs. Clinton is certainly in a position to be indicted for, among other things, concealing billing records that indicated she had lied under oath about representing Whitewater matters as a lawyer at the Rose Law Firm and for her hand in the firings in the travel office.

Donald B. W. Messenger


The two faces of the GOP

It appears to me that we are experiencing an ironic andisturbing reality of a major political party that purports to be a champion of the individual against an all-powerful government but is using the power of the government to assault individual privacy.

While the private acts of the president can be described by religious codes of conduct as sinful, the private acts of consenting adults are not illegal.

They certainly are not of constitutional consequence.

This prurient preoccupation provides a convenient smoke screen for the Republican-controlled Congress to block attempts at campaign finance reform and keep the money machine rolling to fund attempts to buy control of state and federal governments.

Wetlands are under attack, the Endangered Species Act is under attack, and attempts are being made to have male-dominated legislatures make medical decisions for women.

I find these national issues of far greater importance.

David H. Pardoe


Highland's venue for local artists

It was nice to see the Sept. 24 article in The Sun in Howard on the growing arts community in Highland ("Highland community is abuzz with creativity").

I was disappointed, however, to see the article state in reference to the Highland artists that "they have no formal retail space to sell their wares."

If the writer had visited Highland (almost exactly where the arrow in the article points on the map), she would have learned that there is a local gallery that sells many of the local artists' works, including the CD by Glen Salas' band, "The Tree Surgeons," which is mentioned in the article; artwork by two artists whose work appears on the cover of the CD, Darlene Nicholson and Michael Gessner; and many other talented artists.

Liz Humes


A little leadership on obeying speed limit

Crackdowns on aggressive driving and running red lights are good, but speed limits must also be enforced. That is particularly true on U.S. 29, where there seems to be a total disregard of the posted limit by most drivers.

What really irks me is that the local police who would appear to be commuting to their shift at the Scaggsville station are often leading the way.

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