Time for 'The Body' to work on the mind

November 06, 1998

An excerpt of a Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial published yesterday: JESSE Ventura, master of self-transformation, is now Jesse Ventura, governor-elect of Minnesota. He won the prize in Tuesday's election with a pledge to remake state government into a smaller, less taxing force in people's lives.

Before he can hope to succeed, Mr. Ventura must remake himself once again. His only chance of accomplishing his goal lies in winning the cooperation of the very government establishment he lambasted during the campaign.

He can no longer be the clever critic. He must become an informed, conciliatory leader.

Making allies of people who know how to govern is pressing work for Mr. Ventura now. For their part, the government hands he denigrated during the campaign should follow the gracious lead of defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey and Republican Norm Cleman. For Minnesota's sake, they should lend Mr. Ventura their assistance.

No Minnesota governor in modern times has come to the office with less experience in state government than Mr. Ventura. As a candidate, the former professional wrestler known as "The Body," cast his unfamiliarity with state government as an asset, and scorned lifetimes of honorable, decent government service by Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Coleman.

The irony is that at the moment his victory became certain, Mr. Ventura became Minnesota's leading government servant. He didn't just beat 'em, he joined 'em. And more than most new governors, he needs 'em.

Pub Date: 11/06/98

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