Bob Trow,72, who portrayed Robert Troll, Bob Dog and...


November 04, 1998

Bob Trow,72, who portrayed Robert Troll, Bob Dog and himself for some 30 years on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," died of a heart attack Monday in New Alexandria, Pa. He taped appearances for "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" last week that are to air in February as part of a lesson on noisy and quiet.

Norbert Wollheim,85, an Auschwitz survivor who sued Germans for compensation for his Nazi-era slave labor, died Sunday in New York. He won about $25 a week and paved the way for a settlement establishing a $6.4 million fund to compensate other Jewish laborers.

Nancy Van Norman Baer,55, curator of theater and dance at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, died Oct. 27 of cancer in San Francisco.

Jovelina Faria Belfort,54, a Brazilian samba singer and composer, died of a heart attack Monday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Peter Griffin,61, a mathematician who wrote a book explaining the odds in blackjack, died Oct. 18 in Sacramento, Calif., a month after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Robert Jenness,81, a retired University of Minnesota professor who advanced the scientific study of milk, died Friday in Minneapolis. He researched how different species of mammals differed in how they produced milk and vitamin C, including a discovery that animals from cold climates produce more fat in their milk.

Lute Jerstad,61, one of the first Americans to climb Mount Everest, died Saturday of a heart attack while 500 feet short of the summit of Mount Kalapatar, near Everest.

Vassar Miller,74, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and two-time poet laureate of Texas, died Saturday in Houston. She was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to walk, write or speak without difficulty. Nevertheless, she published 10 volumes of poetry over four decades. Much of her work addressed religious themes, such as faith, doubt, suffering and grace.

Oriano Quilici,69, the papal nuncio in Switzerland, died of cancer Monday in Fribourg, the Swiss bishops' conference announced.

Pub Date: 11/04/98

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