Congressional tally No landslide: Predicted victories for Republican candidates around the country did not materialize.

November 04, 1998

REPUBLICANS IN the House of Representatives had history, money and numbers in their favor in yesterday's elections.

Historically, the party holding the White House loses an average of 32 seats in an off-year election. It did not happen yesterday.

The GOP spent more money than the Democrats, especially for television ads the last few days before the election. They gambled on using the impeachment issue. It did not make much difference.

And the GOP had fewer seats at risk than the Democrats. But the landslide the Republicans were counting on never materialized.

The biggest winner was President Clinton. The results ease the pressure of the impeachment juggernaut by the Republicans, who had ignored resounding, repeated and unmistakable "get off it" warnings by the public.

After all the money, all the huffing, puffing and hullabaloo, the people had a lot to say. It was their day.

Pub Date: 11/04/98

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