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November 04, 1998

Many Mini-Words

Pitcher William Joseph VanLandingham has one of the longest full names in major league history (26 letters). How many three-letter words can you come up with by using the letters of his last name? We found 29, but you may find more!

ANSWERS: aid, ail, aim, and, dam, dig, dim, din, gad, gal, gam, gin, had, hag, ham, hid, him, inn, lad, lag, lam, lid, mad, mag, man, nag, nil, van, vim

Kerri Strug

Gymnast Kerri Strug was a shining star of the 1996 Summer Olympics. She also shines with kids.

Kerri helps raise money for several organizations, including the Children's Miracle Network, which gives money to 170 children's hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Kerri visits kids in the hospitals. "I feel honored working with these kids," says Kerri.

When it comes to helping kids, Kerri is a gold medalist with a heart of gold!

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Pub Date: 11/04/98

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