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November 02, 1998|By DAN RODRICKS

That Peter Angelos -- such a busy beaver. He's the lawyer handling big suitcases, the tycoon doing a hotel deal, the concerned citizen throwing himself into the hurly-burly of civic life, the sports mogul looking to buy that horrid Washington professional football team. (I hope he succeeds and renames the franchise; what do you think of the Raljonics?)

Da Boss is so busy that last week he played host to a $500-a-plate fund-raiser breakfast for Dutch Ruppersberger -- the Baltimore County executive really needs the money! -- but did not show up! Relatives and aides who made it to the Timonium Holiday Inn said Da Boss was too busy. Hey, Pete, you brought home the bacon; now you gotta stop and smell it! ... Spotted near Cross Street Market: That Julia Roberts, during a break in filming of "The Runaway Bride." She stopped in Kim Richlin's Travel Bug on South Charles, bought some greeting cards, a travel alarm clock and a map of Baltimore. Since then, "Bride" has been on location on the Eastern Shore, with cast and crew due back in the Baltimore area in another week or so. Filming is expected to run through January. ... The Maryland Friends of Foster Children Foundation stands to benefit financially by helping producers of Barry Levinson's "Liberty Heights" fill an audience for that James Brown-style concert in a Frederick theater this month. Five hundred extras are needed for the period scene, set in 1954. Interested African-American men and women between 18 and 35, willing to do the '50s look, should call 410-659-0330.

Hailing from Baltimore

You know you're from Baltimore if ...

Robert DeMuth: "You still make the check for the phone bill payable to C&P."

Dani Rice: "You still refer to Eudowood and Towson Plaza because you can't remember their new names."

Alan and Arlene Rosenthal: "You know there's no codfish in coddies. ... A forecast of snow sends you rushing out to buy bread, milk and toilet paper. ... You pronounce Westminster with an extra syllable ('Westminister')."

Mike Forgione: "You see a banner above a restaurant that says, 'The Run Is On,' and know they're not staging a foot race."

Richard Sheffler: "You still read The Sun at dinner time, the same time you always read The Evening Sun, just like your father before you."

Mary McGibbon: "Your mother would never allow you to eat ice cream after steamed crabs because 'it would kill you.' ... Your family always called hydrangeas 'high geraniums.' "

Bush Hog James: "You know you're from Baltimore if Patapsco is a four-syllable word."

The Beverly Hillbilly: "You know you're from Baltimore if ... your junior senator is a woman named 'McCluskey.' ... You salivate at the mention of the 'Gino Giant.' ... You wistfully recall Sam Smith Park. ... You were once a Junior Oriole. ... Your family's destination on summer days was the exotic Miami Beach -- in eastern Baltimore County."

KCB (e-mail): "You remember that commercial with Royal Parker: 'Hey, kids, get off of that couch. What are you trying to do, ruin it?' ... You know you're from Baltimore if you find yourself saying, 'I had great expectations when he was first elected, but now I am sadly disappointed in Kurt Schmoke.' "

Joan Walters: "You can still hear that commercial: 'More Parks Sausages, mom! Pul-leeze!' ... And you remember how to tell it was time for a shift change down Sparrows Point -- if you were on the No. 10 bus and more than a dozen people were standing with metal lunch boxes in hand."

Richard Montgomery: "You remember the creme de menthe-colored Baltimore Transit Co. buses with the advertising panels just under the rear windows that allowed city teens to hitch a ride by holding onto the panel while holding their feet on the rear bumper."

Russ Melocik (by e-mail from Brattleboro, Vt.): "You can remember seeing the flaming candle in Canton all the way from Edison Highway. ... You recall Fava's produce market across from Sam Smith Park as home base of the street a-rabbers. ... You've never forgotten garbage hauler Robb Tyler's slogan: 'We never refuse refuse.' "

Agnes Rosendale: "You remember bonfires in the streets on election night to burn campaign literature."

Mary Hull: "Seeing Stieff Silver leave town generates a real end-of-era feeling, and you know you'll miss Stieff's red-and-green sign during the Christmas season."

Lorraine Fakewater: "You remember the penguins in the show window of Hochschild Kohn's in Eastpoint."

Jane Fout: "You remember Jerry Turner and Oprah Winfrey, dressed head to toe in purple, at opening night of the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall."

Amie Buttner: "You remember watching the Fourth of July fireworks on St. Matthew's hill off Loch Raven Boulevard. ... You remember bleacher seats at Memorial Stadium. (My dad would drop us off, go home and listen to the game and, at the top of the ninth inning, drive back down to pick us up.) ... Your parents were in a Friday night bowling league, and they'd drag you to Fair Lanes in Towson with that big horseshoe arch in front."

Huge inoculation

Phone call received at assignment desk of Channel 2 News: "I got bit by a rat and had to get a Texas shot." ... A package delivered to The Sun's obituary desk last week was addressed to the "Habituary Dept." ... TJI reader Emily Orth reports further evidence of the descent of man: "A group of slovenly clad 20-somethings milling around the Senator Theatre lobby gravitated to a photo of Salvador Dali on the wall near the men's room. Intrigued by the provocative image, one of them gestured toward it and declared with authority: 'See, that's Frank Zappa!' " Says Orth: "I guess these days one kooky, mustachioed iconoclast is as good as the next, huh?"

Pub Date: 11/02/98

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