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November 02, 1998|By Janis Campbell

The Yak's been tracking the cool stuff that has been showing up at school. Here are a few accessories that definitely make the grade.

Scooby-Doo, where are you? On backpacks, pens and lunch boxes - that's where! There's tons of Scooby stuff at malls and discount stores like Target. But some of our favorite Scooby gear at the Warner Bros. Studio Store. Carry your Scooby snacks to school in the Scooby-Doo Lunch Kit ($15). The soft, blue lunch bag wipes clean and comes with a thermos.

Keychains are still cool, but take this tip: Less is more. The Yak's favorites are made by Basic Fun. What's their specialty? Mini toys and games that really work. This year, they've created 36 new keychains including Mrs. Potato Head (she's got 10 mix-and-match pieces), Duncan Yo-Yos, and tiny PEZ candy dispensers. Also look for mini versions of board games including Monopoly, Clue and Life, and tiny plastic Rugrats (Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil and Lil) with movable body parts. Prices range from $3 to $5.

And speaking of Rugrats, the babies are everywhere! We spotted plastic sandwich bags (a box of 25 for about $2), pencils, theme books, and a mini zipper binder with Tommy on the cover. Tommy is also the star on a cool plastic lunch box. (Rugrats gear ranges from about $2 to $12).

Pub Date: 11/02/98

Get geared up

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