O's are over-the-hill gangAs a recent transplant to the...


November 01, 1998

O's are over-the-hill gang

As a recent transplant to the Baltimore area from Atlanta, I have been struck by what appears to be a nearly pathological worship of old, over-the-hill players on Baltimore sports teams.

While the rest of the country got over Cal Ripken's longevity record within hours after he set it, the worship continued here even when it become clear the Orioles were going nowhere and it would be highly beneficial to play some prospects to get ready for next year and future seasons.

More recently, when a new Orioles general manager was named, reliever Jesse Orosco came forward with a skeptical opinion, apparently worried about his and other old-timers' jobs. Excuse me?

I remember a time when the Atlanta Braves deferred to veteran ballplayers. They were perennial losers. From the day in 1990, when the Braves traded away Dale Murphy, a nice guy but an overpaid, over-the-hill star, the team got better. The rest is history.

Joe Roman


Terps coverage needs boost

An an alumni of the University of Maryland and an avid Terps basketball fan, I am very disappointed and surprised at the lack of coverage by The Sun.

It amazes me that The Sun has such poor coverage for our state school's basketball program, despite recent success and a Top 10 preseason ranking this year.

PD Let's get on the ball and give Terps fans something to root for.

John Shapiro Owings Mills Rosenthal: Double-duty GM?

According to Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal, the Orioles and Ravens don't measure up to their Camden Yards stadiums.

Since Rosenthal seems to know everything about sports, Peter Angelos and Art Modell should hire him as a double-duty general manager for both teams.

This would save money and -- with this guy's superior sports intellect -- bring a World Series and a Super Bowl to Camden Yards.

Bill Kearns


Ripken's glove is golden

Cal Ripken got snubbed for about the fifth time in his career for a Gold Glove. After just two years at third base, he made only eight errors. The White Sox's Robin Ventura makes 15 and wins? Check the math here, please!

Also, to the letter writer on Oct. 18 who said that Ripken should retire: Get out of Baltimore and go to Disney World, Goofy!

Ripken is still an asset on and off the field. Anyone with real baseball knowledge knows that. So sit back in 1999, watch the Orioles regroup and enjoy another milestone or two from Ripken: 400 home runs and 3,000 hits.

Mark Urban


Marchibroda fails to inspire

As long as Mr. Magoo, Ted Marchibroda, is prancing the sideline, the Ravens will be mediocre. His "Let's try not to lose" rather than "Let's go kick some butt" attitude permeates the team.

With such a lack of confidence oozing from the top, the Ravens will more times than not fall apart in pressure situations. Their subconscious expectations are of failure, not success.

I suspect Marchibroda will be gone at season's end. He might make a good assistant somewhere provided he is not allowed to speak.

Jon Plevyak


Pub Date: 11/01/98

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