Planning teams working hard for county's futureI read with...


November 01, 1998

Planning teams working hard for county's future

I read with interest the articles on planned growth in Carroll County ("Proposal drafted on water needs," "Panel suggests study of industrial areas" and "Planning panel votes to review all site plans, regardless of size"). It seems that the citizens and industry of Carroll are getting their fair share from the local planning agencies. These dedicated government teams share the responsibility of proving environmental planning oversight to community that has doubled its population in about 30 years.

If they reject 979 of the 1,069 acres submitted for approval for industrial and commercial use, or focus most of the water supply growth around rapidly expanding existing communities or insist on reviewing each site plan, these decisions are tough ones they must make to protect us all.

These articles were well-written. But, there is a problem of importance that was left out. The issue is the economic value, or cost, of impact to our natural resources.

Whether the growth is extraction of a resource or man-made development, this kind of pressure always comes with a real environmental cost.

The population has doubled in Carroll for one major reason: People found it more desirable to live here than where they lived before. Our job, as good neighbors, and the job of the government, is to help achieve that growth with grace. We do so by letting the business community know that above all else, we place a high value on our environment, so we all can live and work in an environment that has value.

G. F. Pat Page


Perry Jones for commissioner

During the past four years, our county has experienced a Board of Commissioners often at odds with each other and the people they represented. Critical decisions were often postponed and back stabbing seemed to be the order of the day.

The debate continues: Who can better serve the needs of Carroll and lead our county into the 21st century? A Donald I. Dell/Robin Bartlett Frazier duo is a frightening reality. Ms. Frazier, a Dell protege and his former campaign manager, has significant financial backing. Both Ms. Frazier and Mr. Dell are proponents of landowners' rights, which could ultimately lead us down the path of aggressive growth far worse than our current nightmare. Pity the poor soul who is the third commissioner.

It's time to look closely at the other candidates, voting for the person, not the party. Perry L. Jones Jr. has lived and worked in Carroll County for most of his life. For 11 years, he served on the Union Bridge Town Council and for the past seven years as its mayor. He has been an integral part of Union Bridge's revitalization. He is known for being a negotiator and problem-solver with a strong fiscal conscience, an advocate for education and economic development.

The question remains: Have you been satisfied with the leadership the past four years? If so, a Dell/Frazier vote will ensure four more years of the same. If not, consider choosing other candidates, particularly Mr. Jones.

Thomas Morris

New Windsor

Vote for Krebs for school board

We would like to endorse Susan Krebs for the Carroll County school board. During the 11 years that we have known her, we have had the opportunity to see her diverse skills in action.

Ms. Krebs has played an active role in the neighborhood and school communities in which we live. She gets in there and works hard to make changes.

She didn't just complain about overcrowding in schools that her children attend. She went to school board meetings, attended community awareness meetings and made sure that her opinions were known. She is an activist who has a sincere interest in the future of our children.

Peggy Scherr

Dennis Scherr


Recommendations for school board

The Government Relations Committee, consisting of the Carroll County Teachers Association and Carroll Association of Support Employees, have spent numerous hours interviewing and discussing with the candidates their qualifications.

We have an excellent school system and would like to see it continue. The school board candidates who would be in the best interest for our community are C. Scott Stone, Gary W. Bauer and Susan Krebs.

The issues of growth, drug abuse, transportation, school crowding and an industrial tax base need to be dealt with. The best commissioner candidates are Perry Jones, Donald I. Dell and Carolyn Fairbank. Their door would be open and creative ideas would pass through it.

The state needs to be more open to Carroll County's needs. Ellen Willis Miller has brought money to Carroll and has been very supportive of the educational needs. Ann Ballard, who is on the school board, would be a very positive influence in the Maryland House of Delegates for our county.

Terence William Borneman


The writer is government relations chairman for Carroll County -- Teachers Association/Carroll Association of Support Employees.

Ann Ballard is top delegate choice

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