Sherman Block,74, head of the nation's largest sheriff's...

Deaths Elsewhere

November 01, 1998

Sherman Block,74, head of the nation's largest sheriff's department, died Thursday of cerebral hemorrhaging in Los Angeles, five days before county voters were to decide whether to give him a fifth term. He was the nation's highest-paid elected official, earning $234,016 a year -- more than the president's $200,000 annual salary.

Anthony J. Celebrezze,88, a Cleveland mayor who went on to become a Kennedy administration Cabinet member and a federal appeals court judge, died Thursday in Cleveland from cancer of the esophagus.

A. M. Johnston,84, a legendary Boeing test pilot who showed the strength of the Boeing 707 with a barrel roll and helped launch commercial jet travel, died Thursday in Mount Vernon, Wash., after four years with Alzheimer's disease.

Arthur Tillman Merritt,96, former director of Harvard University's music department, died Oct. 25 in Bedford, Mass.

Robert C. Vose Jr.,87, an authority on Colonial portraits and the fourth generation of his family to operate Vose Galleries, died Oct. 24 in Boston. It is estimated that Vose Galleries has handled 50,000 works by 1,000 artists, including Rembrandt and Monet.

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