Preparing infants to read


November 01, 1998|By Jerdine Nolen

Editor's note: In her biweekly column, Jerdine Nolen today provides suggestions on how to prepare infants and toddlers to read, listen and write.

Infants and toddlers enjoy:

* Joining in and being a part of the reading experience

* Hearing nursery rhymes and verses

* Pointing to objects in large, colorful pictures

* Seeing babies pictured in books

* Reading shape and plastic books

* Reading the same book over and over

* Being introduced to new books

* Repeating short passages or lines 0000

over and over

* Imitating the actions of children in books

* Reacting to repetition, rhythm and rhyme

* Having their books in reachable spots

* Choosing a book to read and returning it to the shelf

Infants and toddlers will:

* Supply some of the words in short rhyming books

* Point to pictures and name objects

* Make faces when you read

* Copy your words and actions

* Turn the pages of the books

Consider choosing books for infants and toddlers:

* About families like yours and people from your culture and ethnic group

* About families like yours from different cultures and ethnic groups

* With characters that look like your child

* With thick, cardboard pages

* That are touchy and feely

* That are squeezable

* That make noises

Remember, these books wear out before your child grows tired

of them.

A resident of Ellicott City, Jerdine Nolen is the award-winning children's author of "Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm" and "Raising Dragons." She is a former teacher and administrator in elementary education, and has personally field-tested her suggestions on her son and daughter.

Pub Date: 11/01/98

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