" 'Morris Goes to School' by Bernard Wiseman is my...


November 01, 1998

" 'Morris Goes to School' by Bernard Wiseman is my favorite book because it's about a moose named Morris Moose. It is about how Morris goes to school and learns how to count and say his alphabet. He tells how he has fun doing hoof paintings and makes silly faces in class."

-- Idacers Watson

Leith Walk Elementary

"I like 'Coffin on a Case' by Eve Bunting because it gave me a lot of information on how to be a detective.

I think this book is good because it says to keep your mind thinking. It also says there's always a logical answer to everything."

-- John Henry Button

Lutherville Laboratory

"My favorite book is 'Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower' by Peggy Parish. I read my book for fun and to get to know Amelia Bedelia. This book was really funny. She does everything wrong, like she takes an iron and runs on top of the tablecloth instead of ironing it. I really liked this book, and you should read it, too."

-- Allison DelGiorno

Freedom Elementary

Pub Date: 11/01/98

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