"The Hundred Days," by Patrick O'Brian. Norton. 288 pages...


November 01, 1998|By Harry Wessel | Harry Wessel,Knight Ridder/Tribune

"The Hundred Days," by Patrick O'Brian. Norton. 288 pages. $24. Just the arrival of "The Hundred Days," the 19th book in the Aubrey-Maturin series, is unadulterated joy for fans of Patrick O'Brian. It's been nearly two years since O'Brian's last entry, "The Yellow Admiral," and the octagenarian's loyal readers feared the series might be at its end.

It's not. In fact, a 20th book is promised for the long-running, high-brow buddy adventure that follows sea captain Jack Aubrey and naval surgeon/spy Stephen Maturin during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century.

For loyal O'Brian readers, "The Hundred Days" returns them to a time and place they have come to love. It not only continues a terrific story, its cliffhanger ending promises more to come.

Pub Date: 11/01/98

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