Cliff Roop for 5th District seat Sun endorsements: He is better of two good candidates to replace Evans on Anne Arundel's council.

October 29, 1998

RESIDENTS of Anne Arundel's 5th Councilmanic District are unfortunate victims of the county's term-limit law.

Republican-turned-Democrat Diane R. Evans represented the district well for two terms and might not have made a long-shot bid for county executive had she been allowed to seek a third term. At least the bay side, central-county district is fortunate to have two capable candidates vying to replace her.

Democrat Mary P. Marsh and Republican Cliff R. Roop are precisely the kind of community leaders we favor for elective office. Both have assumed active roles in their communities. They are pragmatic problem-solvers.

Ms. Marsh and Mr. Roop have learned that to achieve goals in their community associations, they must make alliances with others and persuade a majority to support their positions. These are necessary skills to function effectively in a legislative body.

Ms. Marsh, a Broadneck Peninsula resident, has led the Whispering Woods Community Association and the Broadneck Federation of Community Associations.

She has worked on such knotty community problems as the location of a garbage transfer station and the split school sessions necessitated by the reconstruction of Broadneck High.

She also served on a steering committee for the county's general development plan, ensuring that the peninsula, a magnet for residential growth in the 1980s, would not be overbuilt in years to come.

Ms. Marsh's business experience includes producing television programs and managing computer stores.

Mr. Roop, a Severna Park resident, has been active in the Manhattan Beach Civic Association and was president from 1994 to 1996. Previously, he served on the county's Republican Central Committee and Amusement Licensing Commission, which oversees bingo operations.

Mr. Roop owns a gasoline station near the National Security Agency headquarters. He has a keen understanding of county issues facing fellow operators of small businesses and would likely continue Ms. Evans' conservative fiscal philosophy.

Both candidates would do well on the council, but the more politically skilled and pragmatic Mr. Roop gets our nod. We were impressed recently when, failing to gain the weighty endorsement of the Teachers' Association of Anne Arundel County, he contacted the union to make sure they could work together if he is elected.

He has the potential to be a leader on the council, perhaps helping to stem the destructive conflict between the Board of Education and county government's legislative and executive branches.

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Pub Date: 10/29/98

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