" 'Uncle Jed's Barbershop' by Margaree King Mitchell is...


October 28, 1998

" 'Uncle Jed's Barbershop' by Margaree King Mitchell is about a girl's uncle who owns a barbershop. Every time she sees him they play a little game. She asked him to cut her hair. He does not. He pretends to cut her hair. My favorite part was when the girl was spinning in her uncle's barbershop chair. It is fun to see uncle and niece playing together. I just love it."

Christen Phillips,

Greenmount School

"Most kids who like hockey will enjoy 'The Coolest Guys On Ice,' by Jeff Z. Klein and Karl-Eric Reif. This book tells about the careers of 500 hockey players from around the world. It is also about how to play hockey. This is my favorite book because I love hockey."

Caleb Douglas,

Marley Elementary

"I enjoyed reading 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister. This book is about a beautiful fish that lives in the ocean. He has many sparkling scales, but not many friends. Then one day he shares his sparkling scales with his new friends. If you like pretty fish, I think you would enjoy this book like I do."

Kristen Wassin,

Shrine of the Little Flower

Pub Date: 10/28/98

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