Frazier out front in fund raising Democrats trailing GOP in money raised in commissioner race

October 27, 1998|By John Murphy and James M. Coram | John Murphy and James M. Coram,SUN STAFF

Robin Bartlett Frazier, former chairwoman of the Carroll planning commission, continued to lead her opponents for county commissioner in fund raising, increasing her contributions to more than $21,000, records show.

The Manchester Republican raised much of her money through family fund-raising picnics and breakfasts -- "friendraisers," as she calls them -- according to campaign finance reports filed at the Carroll County Board of Supervisors of Elections.

But direct contributions, most between $20 and $100, make up the majority of the $7,555 she raised during the past eight weeks. The most recent filing period ran from Aug. 31 to Oct. 18.

Fellow Republicans Donald I. Dell and Julia Walsh Gouge made substantial gains during the same reporting period.

Incumbent Dell raised $7,270 during the filing period, bringing his total to $18,610. Former two-term commissioner Gouge added $7,888, for a total of $15,506.

Like Frazier, Gouge has found success in fund-raisers. At a campaign rally this month, she raised more than $2,000.

"A lot of people responded by sending money," she said.

The three Democrats and the one independent in the commissioner race trailed thousands of dollars behind the GOP candidates.

Union Bridge Mayor Perry L. Jones Jr. earned the most among Democrats, more than doubling his earlier funds for a total of $6,455.

"During the primary our money was very scarce," said Jones, who plans to use his money for newspaper and television advertising. "We've picked up a lot of support."

Maxine Carole Wooleyhand of Sykesville added $1,377 to her campaign during the past eight weeks, raising her total to $2,140. Roger Larry Mann of Westminster, who has said he would not accept contributions, has financed his campaign with $2,000 of his own money.

Independent Carolyn L. Fairbank of Eldersburg raised $3,115 this filing period, for a total of $4,250.

The campaign finance reports provide the final look, until after the Nov. 3 election, at how Maryland candidates are raising money.

In Carroll, where campaigns are often run on shoestring budgets with hand-painted signs and little glitz, this year's election is no different. Though the GOP candidates have raised large sums of money, much of it has come from grass-roots support, friends and, in some cases, family donations. Gouge of Hampstead, for instance, received a number of donations from relatives, including $1,000 from her sister in Atlanta, Ga.

In other races, incumbent Democrat Ellen Willis Miller of Westminster was tops among the fund-raisers in the District 5 race for the House of Delegates. Miller has raised $36,655, including $15,193 in the last reporting period.

"I have a tough race," Miller said. "My budget called for $40,000 and by the time all is said and done, I will have raised that. It's a very organized campaign."

Miller, who has spent $24,804 on her campaign, is spending most of her money on direct mailings "on the advice of experts."

She said she is "thrilled" to have received $4,000 from the campaign treasury of House Speaker Casper R. Taylor Jr. of Allegany County.

"I am thrilled that he had that much confidence in me as a member of the House and as a member of the Appropriations Committee to make that large a contribution," she said. "He knows better than most of my colleagues the race I am running because he's from a rural county and I'm from a rural county."

Republican Carmen Amedori of Westminster, who has made Miller her target in this race, has raised $24,807, including $10,715 in the last reporting period. Like Miller, she is getting help from her party, having received $2,000 from the Maryland Republican Legislators' Committee.

Incumbent Republican Nancy R. Stocksdale, also of Westminster, has raised $26,442, $370 in the most recent reporting period. She is spending most of her money on media, especially radio advertisements.

Del. Joseph M. Getty, a Manchester Republican, has not filed a report with the election board.

Republican state Sen. Larry E. Haines, who is running unopposed, added $1,664 to his treasury, raising his total to zTC $90,244. He has spent $76,633.

Overall, the champion fund-raiser is state Sen. Timothy R. Ferguson, a Taylorsville Republican. Ferguson raised $116,132. His contributors include Republican Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett, Republican state Sen. Martin G. Madden of Laurel, state Sen. J. Lowell Stoltzfus, an Eastern Shore Republican, and Alan M. Rifkin, a Columbia Democrat who is one of the highest-paid lobbyists in the state.

Campaign finance reports

Candidates were required to file campaign finance reports Oct. 23 showing all money raised and spent for the Nov. 3 elections.

County Commissioner .. .. .. .. ..Total Raised .. .. .. ..Expenses


Perry L. Jones .. .. .. .. .. .. ... $6,455.00 .. .. ... $6,309.66

Roger Larry Mann .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2,000.00 .. .. .... 1,136.18

Maxine Carole Wooleyhand .. .. .. ... 2,140.00 .. .. .. . 1,536.45


Donald I. Dell .. .. .. .. .. .. ... 18,610.00 .. .. ... 10,901.00

Robin Bartlett Frazier .. .. .. .. . 21,324.50 .. .. ... 17,983.38

Julia Walsh Gouge .. .. .. .. .. ... 15,506.88 .. .. ... 12,020.54


Carolyn L. Fairbank .. .. .. .. .. .. 4,250.00 .. .. .. . 3,416.11

State Senate, Dist. 5

Larry E. Haines, Rep. .. .. .. .. .. 90,244.71 .. .. ... 76,633.65

House of Delegates, Dist. 4B

Ann M. Ballard, Dem. .. .. .. .. .. . 5,646.49 .. .. .. . 1,983.21

Donald B. Elliott, Rep. .. .. .. ... 16,559.46 .. .. ... 11,631.53

House of Delegates, Dist. 5

Ellen Willis Miller, Dem. .. .. .. . 36,655.89 .. .. ... 24,804.86

Carmen Amedori, Rep. .. .. .. .. ... 24,807.20 .. .. ... 17,466.91

Joseph M. Getty, Rep. .. .. .. .. .. .. . NA .. .. .. .. .. .. NA

Nancy R. Stocksdale, Rep. .. .. .. . 26,442.52 .. .. ... 22,169.77

SOURCE: Carroll County Board of Supervisors of Elections

Pub Date: 10/27/98

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