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October 27, 1998

Gary to view methods of checking water quality

The staff of Save Our Streams is taking County Executive John G. Gary to the Severn Run Natural Area today to demonstrate in-stream methods of monitoring water quality and fish and wildlife habitat.

The demonstration at 10 a.m. off Burns Crossing Road has been set up by Save Our Streams and the county to announce the expansion of their joint education and outreach program, designed to get more citizens involved in water quality.

It also gives Gary, who has been criticized by environmental groups, the opportunity to demonstrate environmental concerns a week before the election.

Candidates to offer views at Crofton forum tonight

Candidates for federal, state, and local offices will present their views at a General Election Candidates' Forum at the Crofton Country Club tonight from 7 p.m. to 9: 30 p.m. Invitees include candidates for the House of Representatives Districts 1, 3 and 5; County Council Districts 4 and 7; and state Senate and House of Delegates Districts 32 and 33.

Sponsors of the forum are:

West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, Greater Crofton Chamber of Commerce, Greater Crofton Council, Crofton Civic Association, Greater Odenton Improvement Association, Greater Severn Improvement Association and Crofton Country Club.

Information: Marcia Hall at 410-672-3422.

3 recordkeeping changes to charter on ballot

Anne Arundel County voters are being asked to approve three technical changes to the county charter designed to make life easier for those who handle the government's books.

Question A would allow the County Council to establish accounting rules where money spent to buy inventory items would not be charged against departmental appropriations until those items were issued to the agencies that would use them.

The amendment would clear the way for the budget office to use a new computer inventory package the county is buying to avoid year 2000 problems, John Hammond, county budget officer, said.

Question B would allow the County Council to relieve the county auditor of doing annual audits of the tax districts and to have periodic independent audits performed.

Question C would allow the annual financial audit of county agencies to be performed by an independent firm of certified public accountants.

Business-industry PAC offers list of endorsements

The Maryland Business-Industry Political Action Committee, affiliated with Maryland Business for Responsive Government, a nonpartisan business organization, has endorsed the following candidates in the Nov. 3 election:

Sen. Thomas V. Mike Miller, Democrat, in the 27th District.

Sen. John C. Astle, Democrat, and Del. Phillip D. Bissett, Republican, 30th District.

Del. John R. Leopold, Republican, Del. Victoria L. Schade, Republican, and Robert Schaeffer, Republican, 31st District.

James E. DeGrange, Democrat, for state Senate, and Del. Mary Ann Love, Democrat, Del. Michael W. Burns, Republican, and Del. James E. Rzepkowski, Republican, 32nd District.

Sen. Robert R. Neall, Republican, Del. Robert C. Baldwin, Republican, Del. Janet Greenip, Republican, and David Boschert, Republican, 33rd District.

Senior citizens group gives award to Gilchrest

The 60 Plus Association, a lobbying group for senior citizens, has named Republican Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest of the 1st District a Guardian of Seniors' Rights, the group's highest honor.

Views of Mikulski, Pierpont listed by Peace Action

Anne Arundel Peace Action is distributing a flier describing the views of Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski and her Republican challenger, Ross Z. Pierpont.

Both agree that more federal funds should be spent for school repairs, comprehensive health insurance should be guaranteed for children with special needs, children of legal immigrants should not be denied food stamps, and that the United States should provide money to expand NATO into Eastern Europe.

Mikulski also favors expanding school breakfast programs for low-income children, continuing the waiting period for the purchase of handguns, ending federal guarantee of aid to the poor, reducing the Pentagon's budget to spend more money on Head Start, easing the trade embargo on Cuba, and stopping the use of land mines after 2000.

She is opposed to resuming nuclear testing.

Pierpont would not halt the U.S. use of land mines. He refused to respond to other questions.

Pub Date: 10/27/98

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