3 for Carroll school board Sun endorsements: Krebs and incumbents Stone and Bauer are best choices for county education posts.

October 27, 1998

CARROLL COUNTY voters have a heavy responsibility in the nonpartisan election of three school board members, a majority of the five-person board. County education policies and direction will be decided for four years by the result of this vote.

Academic achievement and economic efficiency are strong values of the Carroll system. There's always room for improvement, but the record is encouraging.

A soaring school-age population has forced the county to plan at least six new schools in the next six years, financing the buildings itself, then awaiting eventual state reimbursement.

The county's piggyback income tax was raised to pay off the bonds to pay for the projects. Meanwhile, most secondary schools are overcrowded as enrollments rise.

The $110 million construction program aside, the Carroll Board of Education receives the biggest share of the county's operating budget each year. The need for informed, active budget oversight of board members is imperative.

Of the six persons running for the board, we favor incumbents C. Scott Stone and Gary W. Bauer and longtime education activist Susan Krebs.

They are experienced, capable individuals closely involved with scholastic improvement and building plans.

Ms. Krebs, a PTA officer, led the fight for more schools in burgeoning South Carroll. In the process, the accountant has learned much about school problems and policies.

Mr. Stone, a software engineer, serves as board president with distinction, guiding the body fairly and intelligently and championing increased public participation.

Mr. Bauer ran as an outsider-critic in 1994. Over his term, however, the Fire Department engineer has constructively supported the board's education programs.

The other candidates offer different strengths and perspectives that are, for the most part, sharply critical of the school system, in spite of its successes. Their ideas should be heard and evaluated.

But the best candidates for the continued excellence of Carroll County education are C. Scott Stone, Gary W. Bauer and Susan Krebs.

Pub Date: 10/27/98

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