Murphy in 3rd Council District Sun endorsement: Community activist has long voiced need to control growth in Anne Arundel.

October 27, 1998

VOTERS IN THE 3rd Councilmanic District in eastern Anne Arundel County -- Pasadena, Marley Neck, Lake Shore and Riviera Beach -- are hopping mad.

They are upset about traffic -- on Mountain Road in particular -- and crowded classrooms in elementary and middle schools. They want a council representative who will rein in the rampant residential growth of the past decade.

Democrat A. Shirley Murphy, public relations director for La Fontaine Bleu catering hall in Glen Burnie, is the best choice for County Council in this area.

A longtime community activist on land use, development and school issues, Ms. Murphy's background suits residents' loudly expressed concerns about growth.

Republican Carl G. "Dutch" Holland, a consulting firm executive, has oriented his campaign in the same direction.

But his lackluster record on the council from 1990 to 1994, especially on growth, undercuts his argument. His political fumbling almost caused the defeat of much-needed library and school projects.

Although Ms. Murphy hasn't held elective office, she has shown a commitment to civic affairs. She helped organize the Greater Pasadena Council, an umbrella organization of local associations, as a force in local politics.

Ms. Murphy has also been active in local chambers of commerce. She has received national awards for volunteerism.

Ms. Murphy and Mr. Holland agree that stricter enforcement of the county's adequate facilities law would help slow the development that is choking roads on the Pasadena peninsula, but she seems to be the candidate more committed to the cause.

Although her opponents identify Ms. Murphy as "anti-growth," she is more accurately described as favoring "controlled growth." Ms. Murphy supports having public infrastructure in place before allowing residential or commercial development. During Mr. Holland's tenure, on the other hand, much residential development took place despite inadequate schools and roads.

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Pub Date: 10/27/98

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