October 27, 1998

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

1. Kids in which grades should go to "The Spot" at funschool.com?

2. According to Dr. Universe: Is it possible to cross a chimpanzee with a human?

Why is the Sky Blue?

Curiosity has traditionally killed the cat, but that's not the case with Dr. Universe, the smartest feline on the Internet. At the doc's Web site, you'll discover answers to some of the most mind-boggling questions out there. Make an appointment at http://www.wsu.edu/druniverse and get ready to quiz your favorite feline. Do trees ever stop growing? Why can't we build more brain cells? What is a black hole? Whatever the question, you've come to the right place. From slime to sleep, you'll get the lowdown on the world's great mysteries, not to mention insect romance and cow belching. Every day, you'll find new solutions to problems and answers to questions that would put a quiz show host to shame. This cat can't be stumped! And in case you're looking for that second opinion, Dr. Universe will be more than happy to direct you to far-out sites like Chaos Kids, Pioneer Planet and the Why Files. The doctor is in!

The ABCs of Fun

Fun is the operative word at Fun School, where school lessons go hand in hand with games, activities and plain old horsing around. Jump on the next yellow bus and head out to http://www.funschool.com The site features way-cool interactive activities, such as concentration games, jigsaw puzzles and history comics. Join your classmates in the search for a T-Rex at the Dinosaur Dig, or dive for treasures and marine life at The Reef of Lost Worlds. Do you know the capital city for each state in the U.S.? Find out at the Capital Fieldtrip. If going green is in your future, you'll love the offerings at Protect Our Environment. From Haunted Numbers to Paint Brush Math to Animal Homes, Fun School is undoubtedly the learning arcade on the Web. And to give your brain a rest after class, there's even a fireworks show. Who needs recess when you have Fun School?

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