Report card

October 26, 1998

Running backs Priest Holmes and Errict Rhett ran hard but weren't a factor because the Ravens got behind so early in the game. Fullback Roosevelt Potts had an average day blocking, and he can do better. -- C


Jim Harbaugh tried to make big plays under pressure, but his effort was too late. He needs to be more consistent on his throws and at times showed his rust. Eric Zeier was off the mark on a lot of passes, especially timing routes to Floyd Turner. -- D


Jermaine Lewis had a decent game with six catches, but the Ravens should have gotten more out of the physical talent of Michael Jackson in one-on-one matchups with the Green Bay cornerbacks. -- D-

Offensive linemen

Green Bay has one of the NFL's best defensive lines, and once the Ravens got behind, the Packers rushed hard without any fear of a running game. The unit continues to lack consistency. -- D

Defensive linemen

Tackle James Jones had a second straight spectacular game with seven tackles. The ends occasionally got moved to the inside on runs but were able to get some penetration on the pass rush. -- C


Middle linebacker Ray Lewis turned in his usual stellar game, but strong-side linebacker Peter Boulware needs to do a better job stuffing the run. Weak-side linebacker Jamie Sharper never seemed to get into the rhythm of the game. -- C

Defensive backs

Rookie cornerback Duane Starks frequently thinks too long before reacting and may need to watch more game film. Right cornerback DeRon Jenkins made some nice adjustments on the receivers as the game went on and left cornerback Rod Woodson turns in a great effort every week. -- C

Special teams

The Ravens gave up a 71-yard punt return for a touchdown, and Jermaine Lewis had no room to run on three punt returns. Also, John Williams had two penalties on the punting team. -- D+

Pub Date: 10/26/98

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